Great Farm Trek at UBC!

The Great Farm Trek to save UBC Farm was more than Great – it was Fabulous! The weather was the warmest and brightest that it has been in this city since fall and people came out in Great numbers to support that very special site for learning, research and community development. I don’t know how crowd numbers are measured, but I do know that the crowd stretch out at least 2 blocks behind us. I enjoyed the walk with the Queen Bee (Lori Weidenhammer) and Ullie (a juvenile drone?). The Queen has a long history of volunteer support for UBC Farm and her performance attracted a lot of interest amongst visitors and the press. [But where was the major press? – I didn’t see any press units from CBC or any of the others… ] I took the Garden Gnomad sandwich board, with photos from the Banff Centre gardens and a removable text for the cause: FARM UBC!! (why not farm it all!)

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  1. Lois, I just love that hat and the way the soil kept showering down onto you from above! Ha! What a fun, positive day that was, but yes WHERE were the press? They were choosing to cover misery and gang wars in a time whe we need to hear about something good happening in this city.

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