Garden Gnomad is out there!


Yesterday I took GG out on the first garden visit to meet Ruth Tschannen in her Camphill Community’s beautiful Cascadia Garden. She was very generous to show me all of their well tended gardens and work spaces (including a barrel for ritual stirring of organic water to be distributed out into the community and carefully tended compost piles and containers). Ruth is really like a homeopath for gardens and for the community of disabled adults and their families who work and live at Cascadia. Besides tending the beautiful surroundings they work on theatre (plays, puppetry) and music and probably a lot more.

Ruth mentioned how she has noticed that when gardeners get together in conversation they begin to make communities. Gardeners have a lot to say to each other and a lot of ideas and materials to share.

Inspired by the Cascadia garden, I spent the afternoon preparing a little bed with snap peas, swiss chard and nasturtiums in the back lane. I put a little willow-woven fence around it.

I have started an album for the GG photo-postcards here:
Garden Gnomad Postcard album

Photos of Garden Gnomad in action this week at the Means of Production Community Garden and other sites are here:
Garden Gnomad in Action album

Saturday, April 18 (1-3pm) – Garden Gnomad will be at the Earth Day Celebration at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre (16th & Ontario, Vancouver, BC) as part of the MOPARRC meet & greet. Mt Pleasant CC is one of the supporters of MOPARRC Events & Activities. Lori Weidenhammer as Madame Beespeaker will be there eco-tagging the site from 11-2. Sharon Kallis, another MOPARRC artist will be at the Means of Production Community Garden (6th & St Catherines) hosting a garden work party.

Sunday, April 26 (1-4pm) – Earth Day Artists Tea Party at Means of Production Community Garden. This is the first of three public celebrations resulting from three artists in residence at MOP. On-site performances from a number of local performers combine with garden-brew teas and other goodies.

Keet tract of MOPARRC events here .

Saturday, May 9 (12-5) – Garden Gnomad will be at the Stone Soup Festival at Britannia Centre (Napier & Commercial) where issues of urban agriculture is combined with artworks of all kinds.

At all of these events, I am hoping to pick up some dates for visits to gardens and farms… and give away a lot of gorgeous garden postcards!

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